Review Round-Up: More MAG, More Tower Defense, But No More Heroes

Some reviews we ran this week made people angry. Well, honestly, some of the reviews made us angry too.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review: Repetitious Rebel
In which, I guess I zigged when other people zagged.

MAG Review: World of Shadow Warcraft

In which Brian Crecente made a game pay for its poor instruction manual. It's about time!

Glory of Heracles Review: A Forgetful Adventure
In which Michael McWhertor is pleased, but not pleased enough for a new game+.

Blood Bowl Review: No Fun League
In which Owen Good spills more red ink on one page than the college professor who graded my Japanese exams.


KrissX Micro-Review: Fun With a Purpose
In which Owen sees too many stars. Enough, developers, with the stars.

Crush The Castle Micro-Review: Fun With Trebuchets
In which Crecente uses the word "trebuchet" four times, not including the headline.

Starship Defense Micro-Review: The Most HD DS Game
In which I should maybe start worrying about my reputation, because I can't stop writing nice things about Q-Games.

Trenches Micro-Review: An Interesting Take on Tower Defense
In which Crecente rejoices about fighting a different kind of German.

Special preview of next week's Review Round-Up: You're going to think we were back in November. Brace yourself.