Old News '03: UMD Is The Way To Go

There's no room for you in the PSPgo, UMD. But, yes, Sony used to say you were awesome. That started six years ago.

You are reading Kotaku's once-weekly (sort of) journey back to yesteryear. This week, I wanted to commemorate the launch of the PSPgo with a look at the piece of technology not being invited to the party. The UMD.

We go back to May 13, 2003 and Sony is releasing a press release to describe the wonders of the new PSP. The title of the release is "Sony Computer Entertainment Readies for Market Expansion With Creation of a New Handheld Entertainment Platform."


The foundation of this new platform is Universal Media Disc (UMD), which comprises of a 60mm optical disc (1.8 GB) in a cartridge, developed by the Sony Group, utilizing its latest disc technologies. Compared to the out-dated mask ROM cartridge, optical disc has huge advantages such as shorter turn around time for manufacturing, larger data capacity and lower media costs. The latest copy-protection technology will be applied to offer content developers and publishers a safe and copy-protected environment.

The PSP continues to do better than many thought. But the UMD? Well... Farewell, "out-dated mask ROM cartridge"! Right?