As we enter a bold new era for the humble PC sales chart, we find this week two games dominating all others atop the digital download charts.

And those two games are The Sims 3, which charts on both PC and Mac, and Bohemia Interactive's excellent (though buggy) ArmA II.


Nice to see Steam gamers continuing strong support for indy titles, too, with Trine coming in at #9.


PC Digital Download Charts For The Week Ending July 5



1. Fallout 3
2. ArmA II
3. Dawn of Discovery
4. 2K Huge Games Pack
5. Street Fighter IV
6. Left 4 Dead
7. Call of Juarez
8. Overlord II
9. Trine
10. CS: Source


1. ArmA 2
2. Aion (pre-sale)
3. The Sims 3
4. The Sims 3 (Mac)
5. Dawn of Discovery
6. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
7. Call of Juarez
8. Overlord 2
9. Civilization 4: The Complete Edition
10. Fallout 3