Here's (Some Of) What Namco Bandai's Bringing To E3

Publisher Namco Bandai doesn't seem quite ready to reveal its entire E3 lineup for 2009, but it has let us know which of its games are definitely going to be there. Any surprises?

No, silly. Why would there be surprises in a partially-revealed lineup of games that Namco Bandai is showing off at E3? It's obviously trying to get the biggest announcement bang for its many bucks spent on booth space, so expect any "megaton" announcements to happen next week, not this week. Still, there's a solid lineup of fighting games and such to be had.

Missing from the "confirmed" list are Tekken 6 for the PSP and the now-gen update to Splatterhouse, which was originally slated for a release this year before things got... unpleasant. It also won't be showing the Wii role-playing game Fragile. Someone else will.


Here's what it is showing.

  • Tekken 6 (Xbox 360, PS3)
  • Dead to Rights: Retribution (Xbox 360, PS3)
  • Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny (PSP)
  • Active Life: Extreme Challenge (Wii)

The company may have more to show, like Katamari Damacy Tribute and a half-dozen Tales Of games, but we'll have to wait until E3 proper to see what its full list of wares are.