No, Eidos, You Can't Vote For Your Own Games In A GOTY Poll

Oh look. It's Eidos. In another PR cock-up. Which we're posting not for the magnitude of it – it's just a magazine reader poll – but for the ineptitude of it.

Aussie mag Hyper - the country's longest-running and most respected independent games magazine - are running a little readers poll, trying to find out what their readers favourite games of 2008 were. And one "reader" continually submitted the game...Soul Bubbles.

Yup. Soul Bubbles. Except, this "reader" has a profile email address that ends with "". Oops. Course, he could genuinely be a reader, and genuinely believe that Soul Bubbles has "without doubt the best use of touchscreen ever and hands down the most impressive physics", but the odds on that are...slim.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Honest votes only, please [Hyper]