Amazon - What's Your Favorite $199 PS3 Bundle? Which 80GB PlayStation 3 bundle would you buy for $199-$229? Sadly the answer "Any of them" isn't an option here, as wants you to choose between three packages in their annual Amazon Customers Vote holiday spectacular. Here's how it works: vote for the PlayStation 3 package you would prefer to purchase. Voting ends on the 26th. On the 27th, a random selection of users who voted for the winning option will be given a chance to purchase the bundle at the listed price. So basically you have two chances to lose, and a chance in hell to win. Each bundle contains an 80 PS3, packaged with The Force Unleashed and a Firefly box set, LittleBigPlanet and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, or Far Cry 2 and a James Bond Blu-ray 6-pack, the last one a bit more expensive than the other two. Chances may be slim, but chances are chances! Amazon Customers Vote - Round 1: Go Blu