House Of The Dead: Overkill Collector's Edition And Graphic Novel When we jokingly suggested that the addition of Zombie Nurses might mean a slightly sexed-up House of the Dead: Overkill , we had no idea that SEGA might actually take things in that direction. The game itself seems fairly standard HotD but the newly announced Collector's Edition comes with a pulpy graphic novel that looks like one part Tarantino to two parts Sin City . “Prelude to an OVERKILL” gives us the backstory that led Agent Washington and (ahem) Varla Gunns (who sounds like she is fresh off a Vivid Video contract) up the grim path the the titular House . The book will be packaged with the game in a special slipcase. Amazingly, there is no mention of a 'making of' DVD or 'art book', which makes a refreshing change. The Collector's Editon will be available as a pre-order bonus when the game is released on the Wii in the new year. Update: Eric M. Bush wrote to tell us that the pack has been confirmed for PAL territories only. Sorry, NTSC peoples. News: House Of The Dead Collector's Edition! [N-Europe]