Beyonce's Must Haves: PSP, Xbox Demanding famous people are nothing out of left field — it's what celebs do, they demand stuff like bowls of green M&Ms and Evian baths. Singer Beyonce is no different, apparently. She had a whole laundry list of demands that needed to be signed off on before she would agree to fly to Monaco for the World Music Awards , held over the weekend. Supposedly, the diva wanted 14 seats (two for herself) on a private jet, an Xbox (360, we assume), a PSP, a jacuzzi and a pizza. But hey, no biggie! If we were divas, we'd ask for 14 seats on two private jets: 13 window seats on one plane and 1 middle seat on the other. You know, just to mess with people all diva-like. Meow. Eds Note: Since game site /gamer did not source or clarify if this was original reporting or not, we're filing it under "Rumor." Beyonce Refuses to Fly Without Her Xbox and PSP [/gamer via MCVUK ]