Swag Report – Hudson Sends Mixed Messages Hudson’s 2008 Fall Gamer Day was held tonight at a club called Etiquette, which was already a bad sign for me as I can’t spell that word to save my life. Luckily Google Maps features that “Did you mean [word you should have spelled correctly]?” feature so I was able to locate the lounge after only twenty minutes of poking manfriend’s iPhone. Hit the jump for the full swag report…In order of coolness: Three Bomberman stickers (I heart stickers) Three mini bottles of liquor I don’t drink A Fishing Master World Tour sweatband A drinking flask with the Hudson logo on it (this would have been at the top, if their logo weren’t a giant bee) A cardboard advertisement for Fishing Master World Tour To me, this sends mixed messages because on the one hand, you have the games: Swag Report – Hudson Sends Mixed Messages And on the other, you have the tools you need to enjoy the games…? Swag Report – Hudson Sends Mixed Messages At least my cat seemed interested (if you look closely at the first pic). Check back for more on the actual games tomorrow!