Ten Ways To Screw Up A Game Launch Sometimes game hype works. Sometimes it doesn't. And when it doesn't work, it really can jump-start a backlash. Edge Online along with two PR gurus puts out ten ways to overhype a game. Let's dive in: 1. *Not Actual Footage (see MotorStorm , Final Fantasy titles, Killzone 2 ) 2. Going Nasty (see Hooligans: Storm Over Europe , Bully , Postal 2 ) 3. Carpet Bombing The Media (see Assassin's Creed , GTAIV , Halo 3 ) 4. Developer Spotlights (see Peter Molyneux, Denis Dyack) 5. Bullshots (see Killzone 2 , Madden NFL 2006 ) Hit the jump for the exciting conclusion. Oh, thrilling!6. Videogame Adaptations of Blockbuster Films (see The Godfather , Enter The Matrix , ET ) 7. Celebrity Endorsement (see The Black Eyed Peas' Fergie, Nicole Kidman) 8. The Long Awaited Sequel (see Deus Ex: Invisible War , Driv3r , Devil May Cry 2 ) 9. Corporate Graffiti (Microsoft, Sony) 10. Bulletpointing (All Physical Software) Swing by Edge Online to read the full article. Ten Ways to Overhype a Game [Edge Online]