Peggle XBLA Spreads The Addiction With 4-Player Multi Know what's awesome? Peggle . Scoff if you must, but it's taking every molecule of willpower to continue with this post instead of just saying "Fuck it" and playing some Peggle . Fortunately, the Xbox Live Arcade release of PopCap Games ' Peggle appears to be inching ever closer to release, now slated for a "sometime in 2008" release. The price? Cheap, at 800 Microsoft Points according to a new interview with PopCap's Greg Canessa. Sure, this whole level pack business will drive the price up, but its Microsoft Points , imaginary fun money with no real value. Plus, there's four -player multiplay via Xbox Live planned. Off to find a new vein for my Peggle addiction! Peggle on XBLA: 4 player multiplayer, 800 MS Points, no level packs at launch [Talking About Games via X3F ]