LBP's User-Generated Content Is Region-Locked? Huh? As a PAL consumer, one of the best things about the PS3 is the fact that, as a games machine, it's 100% region-free. Even down to the demos on the various international PlayStation Stores. So this news has me all kinds of bummed out. Seems that all user-generated content created within LittleBigPlanet will be region-locked. As in, Americans can't access Japanese levels, and the Japanese can't access European stuff, etc. Leaving me, as an Australian, totally fucked . This is due to each region having their own servers for the game. As a small consolation Media Molecule say that they can move levels around between them - presumably they'll share the best ones - but if all you want is access to your intercontinental buddy's cock-shaped spaceship level, you're straight outta luck. LGC: LittleBigPlanet UGC is region-specific [CVG]