Top Gun Director Was Attached To Canned Midway Title When Midway scrubbed their Austin studio and binned a game nobody had ever heard about - Career Criminal - many people were left, well, nonplussed. After all, it's a bit hard to get worked up over a game that you've never heard of. But a few retrospective tears may be in order today, as Variety brings word that Hollywood director Tony Scott was attached to the project. Don't know Tony Scott? Dude directed Top Gun . And the last of the great corny action movies, True Romance. He was working as a kinda creative consultant, continuing a recent trend/fascination Midway have had with getting Hollywood types working on their games (John Woo/Stranglehold, for example). So while we may never see Career Criminal, we can at least rest assured that if we had , guitar solos, sexually-charged one-liners and dimly-lit sex scenes would have featured prominently . Tony Scott was attached to Midway's canceled Career Criminal game [Variety] [Pic ]