If Anything Can Make Me Love My Vita, It's Digimon

This is a screenshot for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth for the PlayStation Vita. It's a game that probably won't make it to North America. It's not even due out in Japan until 2015. I'm so excited.

It's a little irrational, sure. I am a Digimon fan, after all. Not a super-hardcore fan, but enough of one that I saw the Digimon movie in theaters 11 years before I had children. I even brought a date.

Still, I barely know anything about Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. To be honest, until I saw these screens on Siliconera this morning, I didn't know it existed. But now I know there is a game coming out in Japan in the year after next that lets me run around followed by Agumon and friends. That's good enough for me.


If Anything Can Make Me Love My Vita, It's Digimon

Look, they're gonna get into a fight. It's a training role-playing game, so perhaps a turn-based battle is about to happen. It doesn't matter — as long as I have Agumon, Terriermon and Angewomon by my side, I can never fail.

My Vita's not been getting a lot of play lately — mainly role-playing games, mostly PSP JRPG titles. I like the system, but I don't quite love it. I feel no qualms about tossing it into a drawer or a bag, maybe slipping it into the same pocket with my keys.


But with Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth on the horizon, maybe it's time I started taking care of it. Or I can just buy a new one in 2015, when they'll be $150.