Eat These Faux Cheetos and (Maybe?) Avoid a Hangover

If you like drinking, perhaps you like snacking while doing so. What if there was a snack that could help you avoid a hangover? Well, in Japan there apparently is.

This winter, Japanese snack maker Koikeya is releasing a special hangover snack. They're called "Ukoon" (ウコーン).

Eat These Faux Cheetos and (Maybe?) Avoid a Hangover


Eat These Faux Cheetos and (Maybe?) Avoid a Hangover

They look like Cheetos—or rather, the Cheeto-like snack Koikeya makes that are called "Scorn" (スコーン or Sukoon). Japanese site Gigazine recently tasted the tandoori chicken flavored Ukoon and said it might make a good drinking snack.

What makes this snack so special is that it contains "Ukon" powder. The drink Ukon no Chikara is sold in Japan and the rest of Asia to prevent hangovers. It contains curcumin, which as Strait Times explains, is the active ingredient of turmeric and is said to have anti-oxidant properties.

Eat These Faux Cheetos and (Maybe?) Avoid a Hangover

Some people swear by Ukon no Chikara. Others don't and giggle because it reminds them of the word "unko" or "poop" in Japanese. I am one of those people. Sorry.


Basically, if you drink a bottle of Ukon no Chikara ("The Power of Ukon"), people say you'll avoid a hangover. The trick is to have Ukon no Chikara before you booze or while you drink.

Well, that's where the Ukoon comes in. The snack has 30 milligrams of curcumin mixed in, so if you eat a whole bag of this, you should avoid a hangover? Maybe? Hopefully?

Eat These Faux Cheetos and (Maybe?) Avoid a Hangover

Ukoon goes on sale in Japan early next month.

スコーン+ウコンの新商品「ウコーン」はどんな味なのか食べてみました [Gigazine]

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