Your Five Nominations For Best Gaming Mousepad

On the flattest battlefield we’ve had so far, your five most nominated mousepads go to war. Hard or soft? Wrist rest or no? It’s all up to you.

SteelSeries QcK

The #1 bestseller in gaming mousepads, the QcK is just $10. Medium-sized, with a smooth cloth surface and rubber base.

SteelSeries 4HD/9HD


The SteelSeries HD series comes in two sizes and features a hard, light-reflecting surface to maximize your mouse’s capabilities.

Razer Goliathus


Silly naming schemes aside, the Goliathus is big and made to resist the abuse you put it through. Here’s some quick Gizmodo coverage. Note that there are different sizes and surface quality options for this one.

Razer Vespula


Different surface options on each side and a removable wrist rest- the Vespula certainly has your needs and preferences covered. Here’s a retro Gizmodo Review.

Belkin WaveRest


The Belkin WaveRest is available for under $7 with a wrist rest- an easy impulse grab.

What's The Best Gaming Mousepad?

Our Best Gaming Mouse voting was our biggest so far, but what about the surface your fancy new mouse sits on? Sure, modern mice can get by on most desks, but after using dedicated mousing surfaces for some time now, I can attest that they'll bring out the best in your mouse of choice. But which mousepad is the best? Get in the comments and nominate yours. We'll take the 5 most recommended nominations to the next round.

Recommending someone else's nomination is your vote, so star those nominations wisely. As always, we humbly request that you make your best case for your choice, or against someone else's, and please, check to see if someone else has already nominated something before you do.

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