Here's Mike Tyson Playing Punch-Out!! For The First Time, Maybe

Mike Tyson's had a major presence on Fox Sports 1 in the nascent network's first few days, and last night he took part in a bit where he claimed to play his eponymous NES game for the first time—though he told TMZ last month that he "sucked" at the game. We're shocked at the idea a Fox network might have lied to its audience.

Watch Mike Tyson Play Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! for The First Time

Glass Joe is the first character you face in Punch-Out. He is, without a doubt, the easiest opponent. Anyone can beat him. But can Mike Tyson?

The famed champ had apparently never played the 1987 Nintendo boxing game he made famous. Until recently, that is. Tyson finally played it on Fox Sports and was even able to beat Glass Joe. Bring on Von Kaiser!

Green room @foxsports1 playing #miketysonpunch and beat Glass Joe. First time. [@MikeTyson via alr1ght@NeoGAF]

Mike Tyson plays Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for the 1st time [Fox Sports]

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