Geccó de jó a szöuli kecód

A távol-keleti városi lakások nem túl nagyok. A dél-koreai gosivonok (고시원) még a nem túl nagynál is kisebbek. És még csak nem is olcsók: 60–80 ezer forintnak megfelelő von kibérelni egyet egy hónapra.

Eléggé meglepődtem ezen a fotósorozaton, mert tavaly volt szerencsém egy hónapig keresztbe-kasul utazni Dél-Koreában, és városban, vidéken, szárazföldön, szigeten és Szöulban egyaránt kirívóan olcsón lehet kirívóan jó és tágas motelszobákat kapni.

De majd jön PV kollágánk, aki az idén pár hónapig Szöulban élt, és elmeséli.

These Korean Rooms Are Compared to Prison Cells For Good Reason

In big cities in Asia, space can come at a premium. Not every residence is a shoebox, but they do exist. And some of them are truly awful.

Tokyo, for example, has coffin apartments. China has "ant colonies." And South Korea?

In the past, there have been teeny-tiny sleep and study spaces in South Korea for students called "goshiwon" (고시원).

As tipster Sang points out, they were originally designed for students who needed to get away from distractions and simply buckle down and study for college entrance exams, government job exams, and whatnot. The rooms are rented for between the equivalent of $300 to $400 a month.

However, according to Korean media reports, some of these living complexes are being rented out as actual apartments and are now being dubbed "goshitel," with the "tel" referring to "hotel."

Fewer affordable apartments and residences in big Korean cities are to blame. Then, there are some who are renting these cramped spaces as they try to get back up on their feet.

Online in South Korea, people pointed out that sleeping right next to the toilet was hardly ideal, while in neighboring Japan, the rooms were being compared to prison cells.


Some goshiwon are larger and nicer looking, and they even have kitchenettes—like a proper studio apartment.

Below, you can see some of the cells, I mean rooms.

You know, if you don't want to leave home, but still need help concentrating, you can always get a study box.

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