The PlayStation 3 Vending Machine

Universal Pictures and Sony have teamed up to announce the "PoP", a joint-venture operation that will see the release of Universal and Sony-branded...vending machines. That dispense Blu-Rays, and DVDs, and CDs, and most relevant to us, PS3 games. Pick your title, insert your cash money/credit card and the PoP will (it's not made clear) either burn the game onto a disc or just (a new vid shows how it's done) spit out a shrink-wrapped, brand new retail copy of the title. Easy as that. The machines will also offer stuff like trailer downloads, which can either be burned to a disc or downloaded directly to your own USB stick or SD card. Bear in mind, this announcement is British in origin. No idea on what form these machines will/may start appearing in for other regions. Universal and Sony unveil PoP entertainment vending machine [Stuff]


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