What more do you guys want. Its a superhero movie. I thought the original Spiderman films were silly, and I dont think they are good but who gives a shit, its Spiderman, its a superhero movie, I can see why some might be apprehensive, but why write it off straight a way.

I'm going to watch it, I just watched Iron Man 3 today and yeah, not the greatest film, but fuck it ,its a movie based off a comic superhero and do you now what? I enjoyed it, even through the silly moments, because at the end of the day, some of the comics have been just as ludicrous.

Just enjoy the fact we get to see Spidey kick more villains butts.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Is Way Too Busy

Let's see, we've got emo Harry Osborne, mecha-Rhino, Jamie Foxx as blue raspberry Electro, and Andrew Garfield's hair. That's far too many villains for one movie.

Did we learn nothing from the lesson of Spider-Man 3? There is far too much going on in this trailer — I can only imagine the chaos that will be the actual film. At least we've still got the charmingly-awkward Peter and Gwen dynamic going on. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll kill her in this one!

Can we just give the property back to Marvel already?