Video games can be wonderful when you need someplace to decompress, when you need to tune the world out. That's exactly what Redditor lb-Cyber needed during a tough spot in his life.

"On February 21st, 2012, my sister passed away after a nine-year battle with cancer," lb-Cyber wrote in a Reddit thread. Dealing with the loss wasn't easy, as you might imagine. He had a "deep-rooted" depression, and was feeling rather isolated and alone following the death.

So he used the outlets he could find, including Skyrim. It helped. He wrote a Reddit thread about the experience a month ago, and Bethesda reached out. On the anniversary of the sibling's death, lb-Cyber received the art book you see above.

It was signed by all the members of the Bethesda team.



"I absolutely was floored, and a day I thought would be absolutely agonizing ended with an incredibly heart-warming and unexpected moment of absolute kindness," lb-Cyber wrote on the Reddit thread.

It's community management like this that warms hearts.

I wrote a silly post a month ago about how Skyrim helped me through a tough time. I didn't expect to receive such a touching response from Bethesda. [lb-Cyber]