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Aug 1 2013

I'm not sure I was ready for this Kim Jong-un Easter egg in the revival of Apogee's classic shooter, Rise of the Triad.

Jul 14 2013

This upcoming remake of Rise of the Triad will get a "Ludicrous Development Kit" stocked with classic assets, letting users make levels that look like they came from 1995. The mod kit will be available after the game's launch on July 31. This video explains what to do with it.

Jun 25 2013

The people working on the Rise of the Triad reboot take the game's 90s roots very seriously. They've already re-created the cover art, characters, and feel of Apogee's cult classic, and they're putting the same care into the soundtrack. This video diary details how they're re-recording the classic tracks from the

Apr 16 2013

Here's almost eighteen minutes' worth of awesome-looking, insanely fast multiplayer footage from Interceptor Entertainment's remake of Apogee's 1995 shooter, Rise of the Triad. The game's coming out this summer.