Sony Shifts 1.5 Million PS3s, 3.7 Million PSPs In Q1 2008

Sony just posted their quarterly financial results (of note: the games division's revenue is up from ¥196 billion to ¥229 billion, and is finally making a profit, going ¥5.4 billion in the black). Amidst the investor-only, super-boring stuff are some hardware sales numbers. And what are sales number? All together now: sales numbers are fun. Between April and June, Sony sold 1.56 million PS3s, 3.72 PSPs and 1.51 PS2s, for a total of 6.79 million pieces of hardware sold. That's an increase over the same period last year, which saw them move "only" 5.49 million. And they accomplished that in spite of sliding PS2 sales, which are down 44%, meaning, yes, the PSP is still selling like hotcakes (up 75% from the same time last year) while the PS3 really starts to pick up steam (up 123%).


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