My friend Frank Cifaldi, producer of many retro game collections like SNK 40th Anniversary, sums up his company’s

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews at GDC that I can’t wait to tell you about, but in the meantime can you guess who I

Laura Hall shares an insightful quote about puzzles in her standing room only GDC talk about escape room narrative

Here’s a fun thing to do at GDC: You can play an interactive detective story, presented as a radio drama, by clicking

“Hey Gooch, why don’t you make Tetris with music?” — Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s recollection at GDC of how The Tetris

From the Panzer Dragoon GDC panel, here’s a look at the motion capture sessions from the 1998 Sega Saturn game Panzer

Are you at GDC in San Francisco this week? Maddy and I will be doing a Kotaku Splitscreen meet-n-greet in the lobby of

Another game you can find around GDC is the hilarious Sloppy Forgeries. Using just a few sizes of paintbrush, you have

It’s hard to miss this massive, nearly empty Google booth here at GDC in San Francisco. Monitors promise that “all will

What year is it?! If you still want to make 8-bit NES games, you can demo and buy “NES Maker” software here at GDC,

Just checked out a puzzle game called The Sojourn at an Xbox event at GDC. Really neat Portal-style game in which you


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