Can you use your nipples to unlock your iPhone 5S? Look at this guy

If true, this is really weird. This video shows a Japanese iPhone 5S user using his nipples to lock and unlock the new iPhone 5S, which has a fingerprint sensor built-in. Apparently, the sensor works on nipples and toes!

It looks real, but it can be some trick—like a another guy putting his finger inside the shirt. Can any iPhone 5S user confirm that this is true or just a trick?

Lock Your New iPhone with Nipples (Apparently!)

Apple's new scanning security tech is pretty clever. It's not only smart enough to identify different fingers, but supposedly also clever to i.d. different nipples. Welcome to the future!

According to Japanese site Rocket News, the new iPhones can recognize your nipples (um, okay!), keeping it locked for different nipples.

In the above video, you can see an iPhone owner register his nipple and lock his new iPhone. Then, a different man unsuccessfully tries to unlock the phone with his nipple. Guess this proves our nipples are all different. That's good to know!

It's not only nipples that apparently can be used, but also toes. So, if you think using your finger to lock your new iPhone is tres passe or if you are simply worried, bust out a nipple or a toe to secure your iPhone. One day, maybe you can bust out both.


新しく iPhone5s に搭載された指紋認証は「足の指」や「乳首」も登録可能 / 問題なく認識 [ロケットニュース]