EA took my money and did not give me the refund, what do i do ?

On November 2, I asked for a refund on the game BF4
EA told me that the return is between 5 and 10 days
Past 10 days and have not received a refund
So I talked to customer service they told me to wait two more days and you will see the return
I waited two days and still no refund, I spoke to them they told me again wait two more days and you'll see we promise .
15 days have passed since I got nothing .
I spoke with customer service and they told me he would escalate the situation and my problem will
Special -Team " take care of me and how I will get the money back , he told me I had to wait another 14 days.
I do not know what to do now , they told me 10 days and over 15 days have passed and nothing happened
I'm supposed to believe them now?
My friend told me he was told the same thing and is waiting for a month and still not return my Tcsf
What am I supposed to do? Police ? Claim ?
60 dollars is not chump change , I'm desperate and I do not know what to do

PS4 In Stock, Shadow Fall $45, 4KTV, PS4 Game Deals, Zelda [Deals]

Update: PS4 Bundles (Battlefield 4, Knack, Killzone) in stock on Amazon. Headlining today's selection of Playstation 4 discounts is Killzone: Shadow Fall marked down to $45 on its release day. Beyond that we've got a selection of PS4 games and gear that come bundled with a $10 gift card to Newegg, including the DualShock 4.

Killzone: Shadow Fall | $45

The following items include a $10 Newegg gift card:

Pre-Order The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds from Best Buy and get a FREE code to download Oracle of Ages

Pre-Order The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds from Gamestop and get a FREE code to download Oracle of Seasons

Seiki's ridiculously cheap 4KTV's have been extremely popular with readers in the past, and Amazon just dropped the price of the 39" model to $520. It's actually cheap enough that if you're in the market for a mid-size screen then this becomes a "why the hell not" situation. Seiki also just announced a new 55" model, which will be a Sears exclusive, which will be dropped to $850 on Black Friday- good luck actually getting one though. [Amazon via 9to5Toys]

Panasonic is ceasing production of its Plasma televisions, which happen to the best TV's you can buy at the moment. Get them before they're gone.

via TechBargains

Limited Edition Zelda 3DS XL Bundle ($220) | Best Buy

Limited Edition Zelda 3DS XL Bundle ($220) | Gamestop

Limited Edition Zelda 3DS XL Bundle ($220) | Toys R Us

Limited Edition Zelda 3DS XL Bundle ($220) | Walmart





Xbox 360

Wii U









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