It's been a long, hard year. But 2012 is coming to an end, climaxing in the end of year holidays. There's been a plethora of game posts here on Kotaku. Some of them have been breaking, some of them have been enlightening, and some of them have not exactly been safe for work.

So, let's look back at the sexy and sometimes lurid year that was 2012.

Here are some of this year's most interesting (and alarming) NSFW posts. And don't worry. It's late now. After dark. Enjoy.

Hot Nintendo Porn Action. Hide Your Kids. Hide Your Wife.

Shocking. Sick. Have you no shame, Dylan? There are children on the internet.
I'm sorry, followers [tmad40blue] More »

The Hidden Naked "Lady" of Kirby 2

While 1995 was a simpler time, that doesn't mean it wasn't a sexier one. Just look at the saucy hijinks Japanese game developers slipped into Kirby's Dream Land 2. More »

Mr. Awesome, the Greatest Video Game Player Who Ever Lived

If you hear the words "professional video game player", you probably picture somebody who is, well, the exact opposite of awesome. As fair or unfair as that is (sorry professional video game players!), that's usually what happens. More »

You'll Never Look at the Resident Evil 6 Logo the Same

Apologies for all the blowjobs tonight! (I've always wanted to write that.) Just like Yoshi on the Japanese tea cartons, here's another subliminal image you cannot unsee: More »

Next Time You Have Sex In Front of a Webcam, Make Sure It's Turned Off

It's been, what, only a few weeks since Slooshi was caught jerking off on camera after a League of Legends livestream event? Well, looks like somebody - and by somebody, I mean World of Warcraft player murdaralph - didn't learn their lesson.
Having finished a Mists of Pandaria livestreaming session... More »

NSFW: The PS3's New Wonderbook May Have Adult Uses After All

Sony's Wonderbook copped laughs at E3 because it's for kids, and grown-up gamers on the internet simply can't abide that. But just when you thought the fancy book-and-wand set was only of use for wee ones, here's a video from GameSpot's Danny O'Dwyer showing its more... More »

Diablo Widows Get Dildos in French Sex Shop Stunt

Ladies, have you gone lonely as your lovers have spent hours trying to penetrate the secrets of Diablo III (or, more probably, penetrate the game's login screen). More »

Lollipop Chainsaw Turned into a Japanese Porno

You know the rule: If it exists, there's a porn of it. Well, video game Lollipop Chainsaw exists (we have the review to prove it). And now there is the inevitable adult video version of it.
Slated to be released next week, the movie is called Tia's Geek Cosplay FUCK!... More »

This Jacked-Up Video Game Murder Scene Would Never Fly Today

Don't ask me why I wound up googling this cutscene from Phantasmagoria over the weekend, but I did, and I watched it, and good lord. It's even worse than I remembered!
Go ahead and watch it. More »

If Cats Watched Porn, I Guess They'd Watch This

Cats and porn. These are two of the biggest juggernauts on the internet. And a Japanese company called Soft On Nyanko has figured out how to bring them together, like never before. More »

Japanese Cosplayer Feels Heat For Flashing Taiwanese Police Car

While Japanese cosplayer Ushijima Ii Niku ("Good Meat") was in Taiwan, she caused a media storm after showing up to an event in her underpants. The incident even made the evening news there. More »

Playboy's Girls of the Internet is 1996 as it Should be Remembered: Hilariously

Don't worry, this isn't (very) NSFW. We're here for laughs, not leers.
The clip above is an edited version of a film (remixed by DeeprUnderstanding) originally directed executive produced by Hugh Hefner himself, back when he was just an old guy who was out of touch, and not the shambling ghost of... More »

Chinese News Confuses Masturbation Toy with a Mysterious Mushroom

It was unlike anything the villagers had ever seen. The young news reporter who arrived on the scene was quick to point out that the "mysterious mushroom" felt "meaty". More »

How a Naked Japanese Man Launched Endless Photoshops

This March, a NSFW thread popped up on 2ch, the country's largest bulletin board. The thread's title was "Let's Gather All the Nude Art Model Pics by Searching Google!", and it featured an array of nude art models.
But something funny happened. More »

If You're Streaming a Game Online, Don't Start Jerking Off on Camera, OK?

Poor Slooshi. The League of Legends player was livestreaming one of his rounds earlier today when, in a fit of boredom, he decided to alt+tab and do something else.
Like, uh, go watch some porn. More »

The Sex Game That Crossed Lines and Unnerved Its Creator

A post by a psychotherapist on the RPG-Maker forums informed the world of his latest idea: a game about sex. Not the clean, safe sex we typically see in games, mind. More »

This Graphic Novel Shows Why Mermaid Sex Is a Very Bad Idea

Nobody really gets scared of mermaids. I mean, yeah, there are much more frightening things underneath the surface of the sea, like sharks, octopi or stingrays. More »

Chef Cooks Penis, Serves It Up for Dinner in Tokyo

Illustrator Mao Sugiyama tweeted a simple proposition: Mao's male genitals (penis, testicles, and scrotum) as a ¥100,000 meal. The illustrator even offered to cook them.
Sugiyama is not a real chef-and admitted as much-but was offering a real plate of penis. More »

Forget Call of Duty, This is What Real War Looks Like

A generation of military first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield may have millions of kids thinking they know modern warfare, but they don't. More »

When Anime Boobs and Baby Dingalings Must Be Changed

Ask any anime fan, and they'll tell you: cartoons in Japan are different from their localized counterparts. Last night on Japanese TV, the issue was explored for the Japanese viewing public, who was surprised to learn that English language versions of anime are edited. More »

Okay, Maybe the Minecraft Creeper Plush Does Look a Little NSFW

Coming in September from official Minecraft online retailer Jinx, this huggable depiction of the game's most familiar foe does, at first, resemble the Incredible Hulk's junk.
My younger sister Nadine was at my apartment watching my children when the UPS man arrived with the package containing the... More »

Mass Effect's Hilarious, Unintended Subtitles

Like almost every other game, Mass Effect 3 has official subtitles. But that's not what we're looking at today. No, what you're about to see is what happens when people record themselves playing Mass Effect 3, upload videos to YouTube then let Google's service try and guess what's being said on... More »

It's Duke Nukem. Reciting an Erotic Novel.

Captured at Comic-Con Connecticon, here's Jon St. John - the long-time voice actor behind Duke Nukem - reading an excerpt from inexplicably popular erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.
Warning: More »

Please Don't Masturbate in Japanese Arcades

There's a time and place for everything. When you are in a Tokyo arcade, you should play video games, not with yourself. Common courtesy, folks!
According to Final Round organizer Scott Popular, one male gamer seems to have confused his joystick with an arcade one. More »

Far Cry 3's Crazy Villain Rants About Dubstep.

Even the characters inside of video games are sick of the wub-wub.
Listen to Vaas-the insane pirate at the center of open-world first-person-shooter Far Cry 3-bitch about the bass-heavy tracks that pop up in damn near every big-budget video game trailer. More »

Face-Eater Attack in China

Late last month, a naked man in Miami was fatally shot after he wouldn't stop chewing on another man's face. This wasn't the start of a zombie apocalypse (but, rather, as sister site Jezebel pointed out, mentally ill people without a safety net). More »

Dropping Game Jokes Into Porn Video Names is One Way to Make a Living

Reader Samshel Darkspear has a rather interesting job. He freelances for porn sites. Not as a cameraman, or an actor, but for the actual sites. As a headline writer.
It's about the only writing you can do for a porn site these days (sorry literary fetishists!), I guess, but someone needs to do it,... More »

War of the Farts

Today, we are lucky. For entertainment, we have television, video games, and the internet. Back in olden times, people had to be more creative with their diversions-make that, very creative. More »

Thank this Japanese Porn Star for Edgy Cosplay

The lines between Japanese cosplay and adult videos are becoming increasingly blurred. Porno actresses are doing cosplay. Cosplayers are doing blue movies. More »