Fun new game lets you support a liberal monster or fascist lunatic

Even people who don't care about video games are laughing at the fake (?) political commercials in the new Grand Theft Auto game. A drug-addicted right-wing "former stuntman" is campaigning against a know-it-all teacher's union lackey who wants income taxes raised to 74%. Kill 'em all—that's what this game is about!

Grand Theft Auto V Mocks Republicans, Skewers Democrats

The creators of Grand Theft Auto have been lampooning the stupider parts of American society for years. With a new GTA around the corner, they're taking some new shots at the worst aspects of American political tribalism.

Above, a campaign video for the conservative would-be governor of GTA's version of California.

Below, the campaign video for the equally-awful liberal would-be governor.

A couple of months ago, during a demo of the September 17 Xbox 360/PS3 game, a Rockstar rep told me that the series was adding a new joke left-wing side character to complement the Republican Space Rangers who've been in the series for some time.

Equal-opportunity parody? Or would you have preferred they took a side?

Both videos are part of Rockstar's virtual GTA V travelogue and were uploaded to YouTube by Games HQ Media.


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