The Simpsons has references to almost every popular movie ever filmed

Here's visual proof that The Simpsons contains references to almost every popular movie ever filmed—if not all of them. And many less popular cult movies too. It's amazing to watch them all together.

Every Single Movie Reference In The First Ten Seasons Of The Simpsons

If you're ever planning to make a reference to a movie, just remember: Simpsons did it first.

These two amazing supercuts of The Simpsons' many, many movie references, as assembled at NextMovie by writer/editor Bryan Menegus, prove that fact. Sit back, enjoy, and try to remember if you recognized these back when you first watched the show. I sure didn't!

Here are seasons 1-5:

...and here are seasons 6-10:


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(Source: Slate via Laughing Squid)