China Wins This Year's World Cosplay Summit, Japan Comes In Third

[GIF via maidigitv]

Team China won its first World Cosplay Summit championship with an impressive Blood: The Last Vampire performance.


Cospalyer Tian Tian was Blood’s Saya, while Xue Yan Xue was a chiropteran monster.

This was China’s first World Cosplay Summit grand prix win. Congrats!

Below you can watch Team China’s performance:

Mexico, which took the top slot in 2015, came in second, while Japan, which won in 2012 and 2009, was third.

To date, both Italy and Brazil have been crowned the World Cosplay champs three times, but neither made it into the top three this year.

There’s always next year!



Next year, Canada is going to win. Screencap this.