"Ha ha! It's okay! See? Raiden's a HOMO! To make it up to you; the fans I'm going to put the silly homo through a bunch of wacky cut scenes where he's abused! See how funny it is? Ha ha!"

i honestly wasnt overly-excited at the chest-stomping bits with vamp either, but im gonna give it a playthrough before i decide what i make of raiden in the end. I too dug him in 2, it was Rose that drove me fucking nuts.

I can even accept Revolver Ocelot with a zombie-DNA-Switched-Liquid Snake-hand.

Ironically, that's the one bit that i kinda twinge at, despite my previous statements. Ive more or less made my peace with it, but i definitively need to see how the dualism thing of Liquid Ocelot is played out.


if it IS Snake's last "game" then I'm expecting Kojima to get downright preachy and wildly long-winded when all I want to do is sneak around, play some awesome boss fights and get some closure to the series. I could skip PAST the cut-scenes but I'm a gamer. I PLAY my games thoroughly and completely and if it means I have to sit through lengthy cut scenes, I'll do it so that i get the FULL experience. it's just a bit of a drag that the full experience might be a chore.

Kojima went nuts in MGS4.

oh, this is all very true. i imagine the soapbox that was 1 is gonna be dwarfed here, if nothing else. but you're right that we differ here: we're both expecting it, but im looking forward to it. I do imagine if that wasnt the case, if i just wanted the gameplay, it'd seem a chore. For your sake, i hope the inevitable expansion has a solid VR missions mode.


im not certain i agree that kojima's catered to the fans too much, i tend to think he does what he wants and outright enjoys fucking with our expectations. If old snake dies in the first hour or so, i cant say its not his MO.

but yeah, either way, im sure the whole end of it will be debated over just as much, if not more, as the feedback part 2 got, which if i recall correctly was just shy of a metric fuckton.