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THIS ! your initial thought was my same thought. at first i was like “yeah i’m not gonna engage with this system much” but then i started really experimenting because i hated how slow some of the attack patterns were. I got this booster glaive during chapter three or something, combined the handle of that weapon with Read more

reading all these comments makes me reevaluate the way i’ve been playing the game. i still stand behind the point of this blog - lies of p’s dodge sucks until you upgrade it - but i should really master the timing of the perfect guard. it’s not as satisfying as sekiro’s parry mechanic - nor is it as generous as that Read more

omg stop it, imma get all emotional and teary-eyed and shit :,) that really means a lot to me, tysm whateverdude6 <3 to be totally honest with you here, i’ve been feeling super-duper down lately about everything i’m doing so this comment is giving me some life rn. i hope you enjoy not just the writing i - and the rest Read more

wow tysm tommy, i really do appreciate that <3 i always try to be forthright in my posts but if i end up missing something or feel like i could’ve explained things better i like hopping into the comments to discuss with all of y’all. some folks here are very mean and that hurts my feelings. it’s fine, i’ll get over it, Read more

it’s literally the best part of the whole game imo: the story’s intriguing but not only that, you can actually follow the events as they happen. it reminds me of wo long: fallen dynasty which gives you an actual story to chew through as well Read more

thankfully (to both of y’alls comments here) lies of p has a more straightforward story that’s way easier to follow thanks to exposition dumps delivered by npcs in the main hub area of hotel krat. that’s one aspect of approachability that neowiz games and round8 studio get right but i agree with deadinbowlinggreen: an Read more

and that’s totally fair ! creators are allowed to create things however they see fit, whether that fits within our parameters of “good” or not and i don’t begrudge neowiz games and round8 studio for developing to the tune of their own music (even if the notes are similar to bloodborne and sekiro). that said, the Read more

i’m ngl here, i also suck at the perfect guard T.T getting that timing down is tough and at times, i feel like i’m perfect guarding attacks at random than by actual skill. i can do a perfect guard; it’s just not as consistent as i would like Read more

i think you’re right: lies of p is a bit more sekiro than bloodborne, though the combat feels more bloodborne than sekiro. so if you go into the game knowing that - like how vegito is more vegeta than goku - then you might have a better time mastering the perfect guard than worrying about dodging everything Read more

i agree that the combat is more in line with sekiro than bloodborne and thinking of lies of p that way, i should really continue mastering the perfect guard. still though i can’t help but feel like that the dodge could be better than it is even if it isn’t the main (or only) tool you’ve got to mitigate damage intake Read more

you know what, this is a fair counterpoint. it does take a while to max out skills in this game but in my early goings i found that even just one or two points into the above attributes does wonders for a melee-focused build. that said starfield is all about choosing your playstyle so really, whatever works for you :) Read more

yeah i think the first one i looted was either on akila or just before that during the old neighborhood main quest where i raided some abandoned space station. either way i didn’t think i could get another since i found one so early by chance but it turns out the two methods i described are guaranteed drops Read more

lmao ngl i’m basically playing starfield the same way i played cyberpunk 2077: a sword, pistol, and shotgun is all i need to wreck some shit so i ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT for phantom liberty to drop. imma cut fools up nonstop ;) Read more

i’m more talking about quickly switching between weapons. like in cyberpunk 2077 you could press triangle or y to swap between your weapons alongside the option to go into your full weapon wheel. is there anything like that in starfield? because i could’ve sworn i swear a vid of someone doing just that but so far i’ve Read more

it’s funny, not long after this pubbed i saw a video of someone explaining how to hot-swap weapons without going into the weapon wheel (on pc) and was absolutely shook ! i looked through starfield’s settings menu up and down, swearing i couldn’t find it but thinking it had to be in there somewhere because - as you put Read more

yaaas, dynasty warriors gundam 3 absolutely whipped ! Read more

very that ! some great memories behind these games and i hope posts like this - more personal blogs centered around specific memories - helps you, myself, and other readers unlock the long-dormant feelings and moments in our lives Read more

couldn’t agree more. like you said i think this isn’t a genre where you have to play every single release in maybe the same way that soulslikes help inform your understanding of the genre by playing a plethora of other soulslikes. nah get one musou game that resonates with you and it’ll provide countless hours of Read more