Mar 19 2013

So reading the game informer article on #defiance im just now finding out that it's also coming to 360/ps3? Have i just not been paying attention? This whole time i just thought it was a pc mmo. Read more

Mar 13 2013

I feel 10 dollars is a sweet spot. Im not sure how much minervas den was when it came out originally, but i picked it up on a 2K publisher sale on XBL and felt the price i paid for it was well worth the length of the campaign. And i started Deus Ex last week and it just so happened the missing link DLC is on sale this Read more

Feb 28 2013

I mentioned this in panel discussion, but the gamestop rewards site had an (ugly) variant cover to issue 1 of the new star wars comic series by Brian Wood limited to 3000 copies and only available through the rewards site that is fetching over a hundred dollars on ebay. Ordered two copies for myself. One to sell now Read more

Feb 11 2013

You know what i just realized? The PS3, depending on what information we get on PS4 come Feb 20th, will have almost gone through it's ENTIRE life cycle and NOTHING has happened regarding Kingdom Hearts 3. Meanwhile, not only did FF13 come out, but 2 sequels to FF13 as well. What a crazy world we live in.

Jul 17 2012

Did anyone keep up with this weekends comicon? Nothing mind blowing, but over all i was pleased. Although i did ask a question on an io9 post that i figure i'll ask here: Is anyone concerned at all over the amount of books Image is pumping out? I mean, im really excited there seems to be this new boom in indy books Read more