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Michael Caine Made Up a Backstory for Alfred in the Dark Knight Trilogy

Michael Caine is a badass. We're all aware of that. But the 79-year-old actor revealed this week that he's such a badass, he was even doing Christopher Nolan's job for him on the set of the Dark Knight trilogy.


You see, Alfred, stoic butler to the Wayne household, didn't have a backstory in Nolan's take on the caped crusader's saga. So Caine made one up for him, and Nolan liked it so much that he made it canon—in his universe, at least.

Caine describes Alfred's backstory in the above clip from an interview released by Warner Bros. UK. It's much better than the story I made up for him in my head—in my version he became a butler because he just really liked cleaning up after rich people.


Via Spinoff Online

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I like to think now that any character Caine plays these days is simply a cover for an older Harry Palmer.