To: Bash
From: Owen
Re: By Laziness, By Sloth

Gawker spam filters are inscrutable. A lot gets through, and then something truly useful gets flagged as junk. Reader Stephen B emailed on Wednesday to say that Grand Theft Auto: DUI was the No. 1 viral video on Attack of the Show's "Around the Net" of May 28, and I just now got it. Of course, Adam Barenblat was all meh, whatevs, I-do-this-shit-before-breakfast, but me, you might have to check my hat size after hearing Olivia Munn say my name in such an obviously infatuated tone of voice. She must have seen the Hasselhoff pic.

Also, I have a standup gig tonight down in Capitola, 15 to 20 minutes for the Divorced Father's Network. I'll Youtube that and send along when I get a chance. I haven't had any new video go up since a rather disastrous September performance. As long as I don't go in there with my I (Heart) Hot Moms shirt I should be OK.

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