These Japanese kids covered their school's chalkboard with this truly epic One Piece art. It took these three students about a week, drawing each day after class to complete the work. And hot damn, was it ever worth it.

The drawing is from the last chapter of the One Piece manga arc* "Vivi's Adventure", in which the "X" on the left arm is made a symbol of their friendship and this iconic catchphrase is uttered: "But if there is one day where we meet each other again, will you take me as a friend?"


Posted by Twitter user Kamichan, the mural shows a smart use of negative chalk board space.

もう一度仲間と呼んでくれますか? [@k_ami_c]
描いてるメンバー [@k_ami_c]

*To be clear, this is in the last chapter of a story arc, not the last chapter of One Piece.

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