Twitter's trending topics—subjects or phrases that the social network is buzzing about at any given moment—are sometimes based on big news headlines. Sometimes they spring from live events or tragic catastrophes, as everyone rushes to make the first supremely clever joke about Kim Kardashian. And sometimes they're just awful memes.

But for the past couple of days, Twitterers have united to wax nostalgic on something quite positive: the video games they grew up playing. For at least the past 24 hours, the hashtag "#VideoGamesIGrewUpWith" has been trending in the United States. Woohoo! Video games!

Some of these tweets make me feel very old:

Some of them call back to the classics:

Some of them are a little bizarre:

Some of them are kind of funny:

Even heartless corporations are getting involved:

Your turn. What'd you grow up with?