You know him, you love him, he's creepy. That's right, the infamous "hentai" (perverted) Woody figure is back.

Kaiyodo's Sci-Fi Revoltech Series No. 10 Woody figure has returned to retail. This month, the figure re-launched, going on sale again in Japan. With creepy Woody back on the prowl, no plastic figurine is safe.

Geek site Akiba Blog spotted the Woody figure, which comes with the infamous "creepy" face, in stores. The Kotobukiya shop in Akihabara promoted the figure by proclaiming, "That Woody has returned!"

Other famed figure shops, such as Uchusen and the Kaiyodo branch in Tokyo, had Woody in stock. "Had" as the figure seems to be selling for obvious reasons. Kaiyodo's online store is already sold out—ditto for Hobby Stock.

According to Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Tokyo, it still has Revoltech Series No. 10 Woody figurines. However, the shop said that once the remaining stock sells out, this Woody would no longer be offered. Apparently, the figure is not going back into production.


Earlier this year, Kaiyodo launched a new Woody figure, which did not come with the now infamous creepy face, but rather, a worried one. Shortly thereafter, the pervy Woody started fetching higher prices online. People wanted hentai Woody for posing fun, I guess!

Now that Japan's creepiest action figure is back on sale, you can pick one up for its ¥2,850 (US$36) sticker price. That is, if you can find it.

In the above gallery, check out what hentai Wood has been up to. The pictures with him and the "normal Woody" that went on sale earlier this year are wonderful.

Click the lower corner to each picture to expand it to full size.

一部でプレミアも付いてる「特撮リボルテック ウッディ」 再々販も2日で品薄に [Akibaぶろぐ]

(Top photo: 特撮に駆ける青春 | Gallery photos: あれとか、これとか、それとか…/2ch/PhatNinjax/PhatNinjax2/魔王のお城/真・極楽日記/Cocaolander/特撮に駆ける青春/豆乳大爆発の日常/就活エクストリームの玩具日記/Naver)

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