In all the hullabaloo that was raised over Mass Effect 3's now famously controversial ending, I sometimes felt like I had lost track of what everyone actually wanted.

Some people want closure, others want to see the results of all of their decisions. Others want to understand whether the endings broke the fiction of Mass Effect, and whether the universe is indeed forever destroyed regardless of Shepard's actions. Still others haven't finished the game at all.

Starting tomorrow, we'll get the extended ending that BioWare promised in the wake of fan revolt. I thought I would take a polling of the Kotaku readership. What do you want to get out of the Mass Effect Extended Cut? (Obviously, spoilers follow.)

For starters, I was curious which ending y'all took. So, let's determine that - and choose which one you took first or, for your "canon" Shepard, the one you think of as your "real" Shepard.

So now, let's see what everyone wants from the extended ending. You can only choose one thing here, so choose whichever one it is that you'd say is the most important to you.

We'll see what's what once the extended cut launches tomorrow.