Well, it was made by a 3D printer, but I refuse to call them "machines". If you can put materials into something, press a button and out the other end comes entire things, that to me is magic. Dark magic.

This Halo figure is being shown off on the webpage of the Objet Connex500, a 3D printer, with the nonchelant caption that it's proof the device can "print up to 14 materials in one model".


I'm no advertising man, but "holy shit look at this would you?" seems more appropriate.

If you haven't ever had the pleasure of seeing this magic in action, know that a model doesn't just pop out looking like this. The printer has to churn out the pieces individually. So, basically every piece that's a different shade in this pic is a new piece.

Still. If magic has to say "some assembly required", then I still call it wonderful.


UPDATE - OK, people who have used this particular printer tell me it can, unlike most others, churn one of these out in one single piece. So you'll put materials in and, bam, out comes this. If that's not magic, I don't know what is.

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