Publisher Bethesda may have axed the first-person shooter Prey 2, according to a report from Dutch gaming website PS Focus.

We can't vouch for PS Focus's veracity, but the rumor has bounced around Twitter and other gaming websites today. This afternoon, Game Informer editor Jim Reilly tweeted that Bethesda had offered no comment on the rumor.

Though the source here is shaky, we do know that Bethesda parent company ZeniMax forced developer Human Head Studios to pull the Prey sequel from talks at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco earlier this month. Lead graphics programmer Brian Karis said as much on his Twitter feed back in February.

Described as a blend of Blade Runner and Red Dead Redemption, Prey 2 made headlines for looking absolutely gorgeous at last year's E3 conference. Bethesda slated it to be released this year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


We've reached out to both Human Head Studios and Bethesda and will update if we hear anything else.

Prey 2 may be canceled by Bethesda [PS Focus via NeoGAF]