There is a thing called Minecraft Anywhere, which is not exactly something that lets you play Minecraft Anywhere. It's a marketing gimmick. A silly one, but a clever one, too!

You might have some fun with it, if you'd like to have a Creeper run across your computer monitor right now... or if you'd like to smash the words you're reading now with a pickaxe. Would you like to burrow deep down to the lava layer of Kotaku or any other website made of Minecraft blocks?

You can.

Here's how to use Minecraft Anywhere, according to a Sony rep who ultimately would like you to get Minecraft Pocket Edition for the Xperia Play:

1. Visit the "Minecraft Anywhere" tab on the Sony Mobile U.S. Facebook fan page
2. Click and drag the Minecraft button to your bookmark bar.
3. Now that you're ready to unleash the world of Minecraft, visit any website and turn on the game by clicking the Minecraft bookmark link
4. Use your pickaxe and release the creepers to dig into the webpage revealing layers of dirt and more

So chop away. It's not a banhammer. But it might be somewhat satisfying.