What's the single greatest achievement of the current generation of video game consoles? While some might say motion control or the rise of online multiplayer, in today's Speak Up on Kotaku commenter Aikage is just happy to keep his hands under the covers.

What do you think has been the current generation of console's greatest achievement?

At first it seemed obvious that graphics was the hands down winner, but then I thought that I had more fun with Bit.Trip, PixelJunk, etc., and Bastion, than with most AAA titles this year. Then it struck me.

Wireless controllers. For me this is the first time I've played with wireless controllers. Why does this matter? Well I live in upstate NY where it gets to be about -20C below in the winter just for kicks. In the past you had to find some way to sort of finagle the cord and then loop extra blanket over the cord area so that you stayed warm and comfy. Nowadays I can just keep both hands firmly under the blanket with no worries! Warmness without the dangers of cords.

Plus, I recently came into the possession of three children. PS3 sits on a shelf, controllers sit on the coffee table. Running children + tripwire cords = many replacement PS3s.


So, I contend that wireless controllers being the norm and not some add on feature, is my choice for the biggest impact the current gen of consoles has had on gaming.

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