I possess an official stand for my Nintendo 3DS.


That's like bragging that you've got a Wii Speak for your Wii or a propellor for your telephone.

The Nintendo 3DS Stand (first seen in Japan) is free with every copy of this month's Kid Icarus: Uprising, and it theoretically makes the game more comfortable to play.

Except... the game's weird control scheme isn't the kind of thing that a stand would appear to be capable of improving, unless this stand has a secret section that magically enables the game to be controlled as a twin-stick shooter (it doesn't; and the Circle Pad Pro peripheral doesn't, either).


This stand is just a stand. For a portable gaming system! You know, the kind of gaming system that one would not normally play while sitting at a table.

Nintendo has packed in some weird peripherals with their games. At least they're not charging extra for this one. But... why?


Check out the video above to see more of this lovely thing and to enjoy the surprise twist when I show you a wonderful surprise that is part of every Kid Icarus box.

Even people who dislike Kid Icarus: Uprising would probably say the game is better than the stand. Me? I like the game. Just not this waste of plastic. Kind of nullifies the eco-friendly box, now doesn't it?