Foxified | Okami is not a fox, sure, but this is still awesome.

Pokémon Black and White 2 Catch All the Western Gamers This Fall

Announced this weekend for a June release in Japan, the first pair of main series Pokémon titles with the number two in the title will be hitting North America and Europe this fall. More »

An Open Letter to Apple: You Need Gaming as Much as Gaming Needs You

Apple needs Gaming as much as Gaming needs Apple. The games business at Apple currently is, as Steve Jobs said about the Apple TV, a "hobby". Tim Cook agrees – you guys aren't changing the world with this one. More »

Ten Ways to Make the Next Pokémon Games the Very Best, Like No One Ever Was

With Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 on the way, commenter Daemon_Gildas has submitted a timely list of suggestions for freshening up a franchise that hasn't changed all that much in the past 16 years.


Dear Nintendo and/or Game Freak,
I'm going to give you a list that would make the Pokémon series... More »

It's Really Mean To Steal Kills In Battlefield 3

It's okay to bring a knife to a gun fight, but it's not okay to steal somebody's kill in Battlefield 3.
Just ask the folks behind Snarky Entertainment, who released this snarky, entertaining Battlefield-themed video last week. More »

Early Mass Effect 3 Winners May Have Jumped Into Legal Hot Water [UPDATE]

The two men who won an early copy of Mass Effect 3 this weekend may have broken both state and federal laws by trying to raffle it off.
Two weeks ago, publisher Electronic Arts took copies of the sci-fi role-playing game and launched them into space on weather balloons. More »

This Cool Ninja Text Adventure Isn't Really A Ninja Text Adventure

Well this is some creative marketing. Head on over to to play through a ninja-centric text adventure game. It's called "Mark of the Ninja," and it's brought to you by Klei Entertainment, makers of Shank.
(Well, it's not really a "text adventure" game like Zork or The Lurking... More »

Are Mass Effect and Dragon Age In The Same Universe? BioWare Responds

It wasn't a serious question, but I did ask it.
And they answered.

I was talking to BioWare co-founders, doctors Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, about a lot of things during an interview earlier this month in Las Vegas. More »

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