Pinball Wizard | The twin-flipper pinball table—which practically anyone with a living memory of pinball understands as the game's only layout—was developed by this man, Steve Kordek, who died on Sunday. He was 100. (Image by Pinball News)

Pokémon Director Teases New Game Announcement This Weekend

News of the next Pokémon game could come as soon as this Sunday. Junichi Masuda, one of the original minds behind the popular role-playing game series and the director of Pokémon Black and White, the series' most recent entries, will appear on TV Tokyo's Pokémon Smash Sunday morning to make "a very important announcement," he said on his blog today.More »

What's So BioWare About the Next Command & Conquer?

During my recent interview with BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, we talked about the obvious things like Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic. We also discussed Command & Conquer. More »

Very Tall Tree Wins Free Copy of Mass Effect 3

EA wanted the hype for Mass Effect 3 to go where no game had gone before. So they flew ten copies of the upcoming game into the stratosphere by attaching them to weather balloons. The idea was to have frenzied fans track down the games and claim them when they descended back to terra firma. In one instance, things aren't going as planned.More »

Oklahoma Kills Violent Video Game Tax With a Sick Quicktime Event That Stabs a Shard of Glass Into Its Eye Socket and Suffocates it With a Grocery Bag

The tax on violent video games proposed by Oklahoma representative William Fourkiller has been rejected by the Oklahoma House Revenue and Tax Subcommittee. More »

Is Mass Effect 3's Controversial DLC Your Fault?

Games are a passion and a hobby for millions of players worldwide. As is clear from even the most cursory glance at the comments on any post here at Kotaku, gamers feel very strongly about their content and its makers. They are also a business.More »

BioWare Fan Throws a Fit Over Mass Effect 3 DLC

A portion of the gaming community hasn't taken news of the day one DLC, From Ashes, for Mass Effect 3 lightly. Amongst them is Francis, who you may know from his many YouTube videos, rants and other oddities. He is not pleased with having to pay more for a complete game. More »

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