A Stick and Six Buttons | One of the big honkin' custom controllers at last night's Soulcalibur V launch party in San Francisco.

Sources: The Next Xbox Will Play Blu-Ray, May Not Play Used Games (And Will Introduce Kinect 2)

Microsoft will upgrade its disc technology for its next Xbox from DVDs to Blu-Ray discs, catching up to rival Sony, games industry sources tell Kotaku. More »


An Old Xbox Reveals the Secret Lives of a Good Friend

All my friend wanted was a simple, get-rid-of-it-on-Craigslist estimate for an original Xbox, two controllers, and about a dozen games. He knew that what he had was too common in its time, too obsolete in the present, to qualify as some latter-day Antiques Roadshow jackpot. More »

You Can Take This Wheel for More than One 3DS Game

We're a little late reviewing Hori's official Mario Kart 7 Wheel peripheral, but I'm somewhat glad we are, thanks to some of the non-racing games I played with it on a whim. More »

This is What A Video Game Played In a Planetarium Looks Like

Check out this test run of Space Cruiser, a video game that will be played by some 200 people on Thursday evening at New York City's American Museum of Natural History. More »

Another Classy Video Game Port Succumbs to Assy Touch-Screen Controls

There's this thing about fighting games-you really have to play them. They're like a musical instrument, like a drum set; there's this whole physical level of interaction you have with them that goes beyond the input required in the average video game. More »


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