Now that the collectible crafters at First 4 Figures have gotten Sonic, Super Sonic, Metal Sonic, and Knuckles out of the way they can finally focus on producing a $200 statue based on the real hero of the Sonic franchise: That mutant fox thing.

Racing through Mushroom Hill Zone at whatever speed necessary to catch up with his hedgehog hero, this 12-inch tall Tails statue captures the true essence of one of gaming's greatest sidekicks. I particularly love the way First 4 Figures handled Miles' double-tails, sculpting them into one unit and using a little transparent material for a sexy blur effect.

This is probably the first of the First 4 Figures statues I can honestly say I would purchase at its full 179.99 asking price. Hell, I'd even throw in an extra $20 for the glowing exclusive model.

And then I'd spend the next month explaining to the mother of my children why the babies can't have 20 different playpens but I can have a $200 fox statue. Oh well, at least I have until the second quarter of this year to come up with a valid excuse.

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