Skyward | NORTH BEND, WA: Wii games at a Nintendo of America distribution center. (Photo: Ted S. Warren | AP)

Is This a Viral Teaser for Resident Evil 6?

Resident Evil 6 could be set in China. It might not be. The game, however, is apparently on its way-something Capcom previously confirmed to Kotaku. More »

Japanese Maids Busting Nintendo Blocks in This Digital Wonderland

Most maid cafes aren't exactly visually striking. The decor lacks pizzazz. Japanese maid cafe chain Maidreamin has pizzazz out the wahzoo. The cafe is Mario meets maids, while guzzling electric Kool-Aid. More »

What's Going On with Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Well...

This summer, six years will have passed since Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first shown in trailer form. Talk about a long time.
As previously mentioned in Aug. More »

Mass Effect, Portal, and More as Things of Pixelated Beauty

What Mass Effect, Portal 2, Deus Ex, and BioShock have in common are memorable worlds and visual flairs. Not sacrificing either, artist Pieceoftoast traded the games' high-def graphics for pixels. More »

Here's Your Borderlands 2 Lilith Model, in the Flesh

Gearbox's long and no-doubt exhaustive search for an attractive young woman who looks like an attractive video game woman is over.
Australian Yasemin Arslan will be playing the part of Lilith in the upcoming Borderlands 2. More »

Hey, Valve, What's Going On, Eh?

Republished from Rock, Paper Shotgun.
Valve have created themselves an interesting situation. Presenting themselves as bastions of consumers, remarkably accessible to gamers, regularly inviting in groups of modders – often to give them jobs – and always being present to offer a quote on how... More »

Let's Watch the Intro to Syndicate, Circa 1993

The single best piece of video game news today is that the original Syndicate is this Thursday going on sale over on Good Old Games for $6. You'll get more fun out of that game than you will most games costing 10x as much.
So let's celebrate. More »

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