On Saturday, twenty-two year-old Timothy Randall Clark was supposedly spotted in a Walmart back room stuffing video games in his clothes. The Walmart staffers didn't have to call the cops. There were already 50 of them in the store.

Like many American cities, Waldorf, Maryland has a "Shop with a Cop" program in which underprivileged kids receive gift cards, paid for by charity donors, and then shop, well, with a cop.

That Saturday, the Waldorf Walmart was crawling with law enforcement.

When Clark was in the parking lot, the Charles County officers nabbed the suspect red-handed, discovering $635.04 worth of video games and video game accessories. According to My Fox DC, stuffed in Clark's pants and sweatshirt were 26 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games as well as two controllers and "other video game accessories". The suspect was arrested for theft.

Stealing is bad. Don't do it. It's a crime. Shame, though, stupidity isn't.

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